Your learning edge is located just above your competency zone – just inside your anxiety zone. Here is where the greatest learning occurs, as you are challenged by a task that is just outside your competency level. You can expect to make a lot of mistakes as the task is just beyond your capability. You are able to maintain your composure, rather than shutting down as you would further into the anxiety zone, due to the task being only just inside this zone. This means that you are able to make use of your mistakes, which provide great learning opportunities.

Put this in a cricket growth mindset context.

For players I can ask things like, does going into nets push you to your learning edge? If it doesn't, how can you get there?

If the coach asks you to do a drill that is challenging but possible, are you worried about making mistakes or feeling challenged by the opportunity to learn.

As a coach, I can ask myself if I am pushing guys too far into the anxiety zone, or not pushing them enough and leaving them in the comfort zone? I see players working hard who never leave that zone and if we are to expect higher standards I need to push this hard.

AuthorDavid Hinchliffe