Yesterday I wrote about the fixed mindset, and as I was putting my plan together for 2017, I found I had made a list of all the things that happened last year that seemed to come from a fixed mindest.


Oddly, almost every negative thing I could think of tied in. And every one could have been avoided with a growth mindset.


It's not just players either, there are a few in there from me!


So, to remind myself to be on high alert for fixed mindset thoughts and actions, I'm keeping this list here. Maybe it will help you too.


Fixed mindset behaviours


  • Skip training because the surface is different indoors.
  • Skip training because you secretly don't want to show yourself up.
  • Skip training because you are too good to face third team bowlers.
  • Claiming you are the best.
  • Come to nets to "just hit balls".
  • Finding ways avoid helping anyone else with drills or clearing up because you don't want to waste your precious training time.
  • Complaining about being treated unfairly.
  • Come to nets to hit half volleys on the machine for 20 minutes.
  • Refusing to take part in a middle practice because "it won't do any good". 
  • Getting cross because someone is getting more time batting in nets or batting higher up the order than you, and that's unfair.
  • Never trying anything new or challenging because you think you might look silly or have someone take the mickey out of you.
  • Assuming you should bat or bowl where and how you want because you know your ability the best and shouldn't need to change.
  • Dodge fielding practice when it looks difficult because you might mess up the drill.
  • Thinking that revealing you have some weaknesses is a sign of lack of ability.
  • Not warming up because you might get injured and it doesn't help your game.
  • Let others get away with doing their own thing that is counter-productive to the environment just because you want everyone to be self-sufficient.
  • Ignoring negative behaviour because the only method of recourse was old-fashioned discipline.


My answer to all of these now is going to be some variation of "what's the opportunity to grow here?"


Let's see how it goes.

AuthorDavid Hinchliffe