After some of the clear mental blocks of the last three games, I decided to draw up a check list for senior players that is designed to get them and keep them in the frame of mind to succeed.

This method is a it hit and miss with players, as they know themselves better than I can know them. However, when it clicks with a player it really helps focus the mind on the process more than the outcome. And that's the key point.

I'll see how many of the guys take it on board compared to haw many have their own method and how many don't think about at at all.

Here are the questions:

  1. Do I know what I am like when I am play at my best?
  2. Do I know how to deal with distractions when they arrive?
  3. Have I prepared in the best way possible in the time available?
  4. Have I thought positively about my game?
  5. Do I have a role and game plan?
  6. Do I know how to relax when I need to?
  7. Do I know how to fire myself up?
  8. Do I have the right pre-match routine for me?
  9. Do I have a way of staying committed even in adverse situations?
AuthorDavid Hinchliffe