I was running training so didn't get to the 2nd 1st XI Twenty20 game this week. Here is a summary report from the captain:

Chasing 168, we kept up with the rate until about the 11th over, eventually scoring 128-9.

Bowling was weaker that usual but the top bowlers did reasonably well. A lot of runs came from the non-1st team bowlers. It's hard to set a field to a guy whose smashing it out the ground. 

Batting was more encouraging. The top order had real skill and intent, taking advantage of the field restrictions in the first six overs, and keeping up with the rate for over half the match, running aggressively and hitting sixes.

However, when the middle order came in momentum was lost. Some players looked out of their depth in a run chase, and couldn't rotate the strike or hit boundaries. Despite a late rally, it was all over.

What do we need to start doing that we didn't do?

  • We need to formulate clear plans when bowling. We need to make clear when we are going to bowl full and straight, or vary our paces and lengths to keep the batsmen guessing.
  • Learn how to maintain momentum when batting. Strike rotation, hitting gaps. You can be a good T20 player without hitting boundaries.

What do we need to stop doing that was in error?

  • Panicking when the game is getting away!
  • Stop trying to hit boundaries when under pressure. Rotate the strike, take the runs on offer.

What do we need to continue to do that was well done?

  • Positive intent. It was an absolute delight in those first ten overs to watch as we put pressure on the opposition with bat in hand for once. They were worried, they made mistakes in the field and it allowed us to bat with more freedom. We got the field spread early which allowed us to score at a decent rate without taking undue risks.
  • Opening bowling and death bowling was full and straight and you could set a field.
AuthorDavid Hinchliffe