Celebrating a preseason win

Celebrating a preseason win

The results of these games were just part of the process of getting back into cricket. We won won easily and lost the other badly, but with nothing at stake I stressed to the guys it was a chance to learn.

The overseas guys both came out of the games with things to work on. Not least the Aussie keeper learning how to keep his hands warm in Scottish spring conditions!

We learned we could make a positive intent work with the bat. We scored 133 in short time to win the first game, picking up runs quickly with no risks. We also scored 50 runs in eight overs against a very strong team on Sunday.

This did not pan out as well, with five first team batsmen failing to capitalise on the start. We still have a bit of work to do around staying confident when things go awry.

In the field, we fielded very well in both games. A couple of rusty errors aside, I am pleased to see almost no weaknesses in the fielding. The energy was good through the first game. It was harder to stay upbeat in the second game as the openers went about knocking the runs off with little ceremony. However, we kept pushing and a second string bowler took his chance to bowl with pace and knocking hard on the door of selection.

Our overseas pro also learned the right length to bowl in Scottish club cricket, which is not the same length as Sri Lankan first-class cricket!

Another learning point is how to make something happen when we are failing to do much in the field with plan A.

As solid and workmanlike as we were, we could not take a wicket and we got into a little rut of going through the motions. Everyone was still trying hard but you need a little magic or creativity or luck in those moments. We didn't strive for those things. We can learn to try something crazy now and again.

The first league game is on Saturday and training is well attended. I hope the weather holds.

AuthorDavid Hinchliffe