It was a 307 run win on Saturday. The result was insane, getting 347 without trying very hard then bowling St Michael's out for 40. My question is this; what can we learn? 


  • West are capable of crushing weaker opponents, rather than just winning comfortably but unconvincingly (as we did a couple of times last year)
  • The pro got a hundred but so did our left handed opener, and our number four got fifty, so it wasn't a one man show. 
  • Fielding was on point but somehow two catches were still dropped and we are still below last year's catch percentage. 
  • The bowlers just had to bowl straight, and the openers took all the wickets (most bowled or LBW) so it was not exactly hard, but ther was also no messing about, we did what was needed with little fuss. 


We did what was needed with focus and intensity despite being clear favourites from the first over (they didn't even bother with one slip).

Obviously bigger challenges lay before us.

But for now the key message for me is: 1. Don't get complacent, we have not "completed cricket" and 2. Use this time of form to strive for further improvements. Learn a new shot, practice your yorkers, work out how to turn a hundred into 150, practice playing under pressure when the score is 40-4, as it will be sometime in the future (although not for a while I am hoping). 

AuthorDavid Hinchliffe