Steffan Jones' epic article on coaching bowlers can be applied to any cricket skill,

"The aim of any bowling coach is to create anti-fragile bowlers and not fragile bowlers. Bowlers who perform strength sessions and bowl in indoor centers all off-season become fragile bowlers. They... break down when things are constantly changing."

At club level, I see a lot of guys training to be fragile.

Not just bowlers, but especially bowlers. They spend all their net time bowling. Some hit the gym. They don't play another other sport. They have no crossover drills either technical or based on developing specific strength and power.

Some are super-resilient naturally and never break down despite this. Others are terrified of too much training because their body is so grooved into cricket it might burst doing anything else.

I'm hoping to push a little more activity in the middle this summer with heavy ball bowling, med ball work, technical drilling and training under stress.

That last point is developed further by Steff,

"The common mantra is that perfect practice makes perfect performance, but in reality movement is improved not by exploring its core (i.e. perfect technique), but by exploring its limits (i.e. where it breaks down). You have to constantly test and push the body to its limits in order to improve. Fast bowlers will fail in this zone, but in the right environment they can also learn to do things better in the process."

Failure is part of success! 


AuthorDavid Hinchliffe