Frustratingly, I have somehow lost my detailed write up of the weekend's preseason games. So instead, here are some dragged up thoughts from two days of good weather:

  • The first game was inter-club, yet everyone took it like a proper match all the way through. That showed a positive attitude.
  • All the batsmen had a bat, all the bowlers bowled.
  • There were very few wides bowled, an early season error that is frustrating was avoided. I like to think it's down to the amount of middle practice and target bowling we have done.
  • Only one bowler was a little off his length. We have since discussed this and he realised he was bowling a little short for various reason, none of which he thinks he will take into the first league game.
  • Fielding was focused and aggressive throughout the games. The "throw every ball back to the keeper" principle is in place here.
  • The second game was a 40 over friendly that we won easily against a relatively weak side.
  • I took some video footage of a couple of batsmen in game. I am not sure of the use of this, or how well I can keep it up, but it's handy to have and the players like to see it. It may become either a "highlights reel" for guys in form, or a way to review when something happens that needs work.
  • Your author needs several days recovery after playing two games!
AuthorDavid Hinchliffe