After a wet few days, the sun was out again so we got on the outfield but not on the square. Nevertheless, the session was excellent, mainly because the guys got stuck in and came up with some drills of their own.

As usual, we had two drill areas. One was for bowling on PitchVision to work on accuracy. The second area was for fielding drills. It's this area that I deliberately just dumped some gear down and let them get on with it. 

Fortunately, one of the senior players took the lead and they got some high catches, low catches off the Katchet (and bullet arm of the opening bowler) and a very creative slip catching drill we dubbed "Captain America". I'll be stealing that idea for PitchVision Academy next week!


Meanwhile, back on PitchVision, I added some pressure to the usual target bowling by hitting a return catch to the bowler (or a short cover fielder). 

Using PitchVision to track line and length, while adding return catches.

Using PitchVision to track line and length, while adding return catches.

Another group took throwdowns and, again, everyone declined to use the indoor nets. That's fine with me, it was too nice to be stuck inside in my book.

  • The good: Activity, self-responsibility, tracked training, excellent turnout, I got to pump up some skiers!
  • Needs work: Batter prep is a real issue. We have no practice wicket and no one wants to go indoors so we are reduced to throwdowns. I need to come up with an alternative or push the groundsman harder.

AuthorDavid Hinchliffe