It was another wet day, so we dodged the showers for 15 minutes of fielding then hit the indoor nets with a core of 9 players.

The fielding drills were both new ones to my list. The first was aimed at encouraging a throw at the bowler's end stumps when fielding at short fine leg. Too often we throw to the keeper from here, but the run out is almost always at the far end.

The second was a simple execution of four skills in a row: catch, outfield pickup and throw, underarm flick, and over the shoulder. It's simple but intense.

Then we netted with a spin and seam net setup. I encouraged playing with discipline in one net, and experimenting with freedom in the other. The batsmen batted in pairs and I encouraged real world running and calling to add some realism.

Measuring success

One challenge I am starting to realise is dealing with consistency of training. Very few guys train twice every week. And very few guys take it on themselves to monitor training performance. To counter this I may need to sit down alone and decide what outcomes in training we need to measure more closely as a team, then impress on individuals that to meet their goals, they have to start tracking things consistently based on their individual needs. This is a two way process but neither the players or I have driven it hard enough.

  • The good: Made use of what we had, numbers and standards were manageable.
  • Needs work: measuring sucess both during the session and over a number of sessions.
AuthorDavid Hinchliffe