An outdoor net session at West of Scotland CC. 

An outdoor net session at West of Scotland CC. 

With better weather, we finally got some sessions on the square and took advantage by having some middle practice.

I was cautious as the last time we tried to do this it failed badly. I didn't want a repeat so we chatted as a group and came up with a set of rules based on building realistic pressure. Here's what we said,

  • Bat in pairs with the minimum of a run every third ball.
  • All forms of dismissal possible
  • Two bowlers in tandem, bowling from one end.
  • After 4 wickets, the pair are finished

Overall it was a success, despite their being one pair who got a longer bat and one pair who got out fairly quickly. This didn't go down well in all quarters so I pointed out that cricket is like that sometimes. We don't all get our 15 minutes to bat in games. I also said that how you respond to an "unfair" moment tells you a lot about your character. Sometimes, like cricket and life, training is unfair. The ability to shrug off the unfairness is part of your skill as a player.

On the plus side everyone fielded with intensity. Hopefully this was due to the words I had beforehand about staying up for it, and also the multiple run out chances because of the third ball run rule!

Then, as a counter-balance, we had a more traditional net at the next session. The session was low in both numbers and player motivation. I think this is because the season is drawing to a close and there is not much to play for. I let it drift along just keeping a general eye on people and offering some quiet words. It's not exactly what I wanted to do, but sometimes you have to read the tone of the day.

With three senior sessions left this season, I may give people a new focus to finish the season well. 


AuthorDavid Hinchliffe