Here's another game I made up to make a fun session for some under 15 players. I reckon it could work with most ages too.

In the game, the batsman gets to choose two "safe" zones. In this game we spilt the net into four; behind and in front, off side and on side. The batsman faces 24 balls.

Points are scored by hitting the ball with a full swing of the bat:

  • 0 points: Miss the ball
  • 0 points: ball defended, pushed or tapped.
  • 0 points: ball hit on the ground into unsafe zone.
  • 1 point: Wide bowled
  • 1 point: Ball struck into the safe zone in the air.
  • 2 points: Ball struck into the safe zone along the ground (and I really mean it must bounce before hitting the net!)

Obviously you can play with the points system to encourage different tactical and technical outcomes. This one was about trying to wack the ball into safe space.

The tactical wrinkle was the Power play.

The bowlers can call a six ball power play anytime during each batsman's innings. When the power play is on, the batsman has to remove one safe zone, meaning there is only one to hit into. The same points apply.

Be warned, this can be chaotic, especially with kids. I encourage them to find safe tactics to buck the rules and ways to play the "beat the system" as much as possible. Sometimes they go a bit far and I have to reign it in for safety or sense (like bowling deliberate wides). Mainly, it's just great fun and very competitive. 

You will no doubt want to tweak it for your needs, but give it a go!

AuthorDavid Hinchliffe