For young Scottish cricketers, I recommend the R66t Academy India Tour.

I have recently been chatting to Shaun Seigert, High Performance Program Director at R66t Academy. His passion and skill in putting on these tours is clear. If you are serious about your cricket, contact me for more details.

The R66T Academy tours India, with the view of giving Youth Cricketers aged between 15 and 20 the opportunity to develop their game and experience the following :

  • Subcontinental playing conditions - climate, playing surfaces, and different opposition at a High Performance, Club, and School level.

  • Pre-tour 5 week program working on both skills and S&C to prepare for the tour. Individuals will be left to Implement this themselves but weekly contact with your R66T Academy coach will help emphasise critical areas on which to focus.

  • Access to structures used in High Performance Programs.

  • Knowledge of game play and skills to play at an Elite level.

  • Experiencing and understanding a reflection process that leads to improvement and consistency, and analysing their performance in a way that can constructively assist them in finding ways to get better.

  • Touring Internationally, putting them in an unfamiliar environment that encourages them to learn to adapt in order to succeed.

The R66T Academy runs international tours to challenge players, which is critical to improvement. The game being the “great teacher”, R66T Academy tours play a high percentage of games while on tour, playing against quality players and teams.

The tour is a great opportunity for a player to get direction on what they need to do to improve not only while on tour, but also post tour.

To discuss this opportunity in more detail, contact me here.

AuthorDavid Hinchliffe