Read this brilliant article on wicketkeeping. It's superb. However, I would challenge one thing: 

"Russell's, approach will work more often; Rossington's will look better but work fewer times."

The point of contention is not about the method itself, but the underlying assumption that a classical technique is inherently more reliable.


I don't think that is true.


I don't have any stats on this, but I do know that people move differently and track ball movement differently. For some, staying still and leading with the hands is far more natural feeling than feet first classical style.


For these people, the flashier method is also the most reliable.


Then we also know that people have an eye-tracking preference. For a keeper standing up to a right handed batsman this means:


  • A "right eye" keeper will be more comfortable moving earlier to try and get to pick up the ball on the leg side
  • A "left eye" keeper will be more comfortable staying on the off side longer and relying on hands instead of feet.


Bottom line is this: There is no inherently more reliable technique: Only a technique that suits your personal body and mind preferences.


I like my keepers to have a go at every way and see what feels more right, but also be able to do the other way at least a bit. Just in case. 

AuthorDavid Hinchliffe