It's a very busy time so updating is a little patchy. To bring the site up to date here is what happened:

The firsts lost with the usual story of not enough runs. However, our opener and captain carried his bat which was a thing we had lacked, so it wasn't all bad.

The seconds won at home defending a low score and not playing at their best. That is a huge plus.

Tuesday training was indoors due to a game in the middle and we worked on individual batting skills and technique with 11 players. One player decided to do some coaching instead of batting as he felt time away from hitting balls was worth a try. When combined with an ex-player coming along to help out with the mental side, it was a very positive session. I'd still like to get more focus on the right goals, but we have found a good middle ground and more coaches takes the weight off me a lot.

More detailed updates when things get a little less intense.


AuthorDavid Hinchliffe