Experimenting is such a key part of practice.

We just finished a small group session in the nets where the aim was to try and put a batsman under pressure. 

After discussion we decided that setting a scenario was not enough because you could hit the ball in a net well and think it's gone for runs when in reality it hits a fielder. So we improvised.

First, we tried bowling from 17 yards. This made the bowling much quicker. We then tracked the control of the batsman. After 50 balls we realised he was in control 75% of the time, so there was very little pressure.

We chatted again and decided to give him a stump instead. This made it much harder and his control went down and focus went up. It was more pressure and more challenge and teaching him to adapt.

Was it perfect? No way, it was contrived. Did it do the job it was designed to do? Absolutely.

This kind of session should be the bedrock of our quest to improve. It just takes a little creative thinking and commitment from players.

AuthorDavid Hinchliffe