Professional Cricket Coaching in Glasgow

From technique to game plans, from mindset to mental toughness: Coaching is the fastest, most effective way to improve your batting and bowling averages. Learn how to boost your cricket all year round with sessions from a coach with over 20 years experience, including Head Coach of West of Scotland, Lead Coach at Western Warriors and Director of Coaching at PitchVision Academy.


One to One Advice

Bring out the best in your cricket with personalised, one to one mentoring: drills, skill development and winning mindsets. 


Proven, Simple Methods

Use tools like PitchVision indoor video analysis, OU weighted balls and more; combined with first-class coaching.

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Powerful Cricket Results

From budding young talent to experienced professional, everyone grows and gets runs, wickets and catches.

David Hinchliffe is available for private cricket coaching in Glasgow. He has coached cricket with males and females, any age from 5 to 55 and any ability (from total beginner, through club and representative level and even up to professional and international cricketers). Prices start at £15. For an initial chat about how David can help your cricket, get in touch on 07736 320337 or just book now!

Monthly Personal Cricket Coaching for Fast Development

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Everyone knows about personal trainers for fitness: Now you can have your own personal cricket coach at an amazingly great value rate.

Personal cricket coaching is for those who want more runs, wickets and a bigger impact on games.

Yet, for most, extra coaching is not a realistic option. You can get nets at your club through your fees. If you are good, you get squad work for Western Warriors, Cally Highlanders, Eastern Knights or even Cricket Scotland.

This may be enough.

So why are you still frustrated?

Do you have specific issues and an unquenchable hunger for runs and wickets that all this coaching is not filling? Are you in a rut and you feel the right mentoring can push you up a level? Do you need more personal coaching?

One to one stuff is costly. I get that. You know it's worth it because you know the impact a great coach can have. It's frustratingly out of reach when you look at the hourly rates. Your goal may be to make it as a pro or just to do better on Saturday afternoon but whatever it is you can't justify spending out. Not when that new bat is on sale!

As a coach with over 20 years experience, I recognise this frustration in players like you. In all honesty, I felt it myself as a player. I knew I could have done much better with good coaching. Even now, when I coach some players for short periods I can see they want more but can't make the sums add up. It makes me angry when I see talent unfilled because of reasons unrelated to cricket. I know it does for you too.

Don't give up.

There's another way.

Cricket coaching anytime

I wanted to make things different.

I wanted to coach in a world where I am available to you as a personal coach, trainer and mentor without barrier. This is a world where your improvements are fast, measurable and long-lasting. It's a world where you are giving yourself the best chance of reaching your dreams, playing with control and confidence, and getting slapped on the back for playing well.

Maybe, whisper it, just maybe, reaching your potential and going all the way to the top.

That's why the Coaching Retainer exists.

For a much smaller cost - about the same as a gym membership - you get full access to a professional cricket coach and mentor. You get runs. You get wickets. You get to feel great.

When you get the Coaching Retaineryou have monthly access to your own personal cricket coach in Glasgow. This includes:

  • Four one-to-one cricket coaching sessions at the Indoor School in Glasgow.
  • Access to an exclusive group of players and coaches providing discussion and advice on the latest ways to play better cricket.
  • Online (or face to face) mental game mentoring to develop your toughness on the pitch.
  • Some of the best - and by best I mean worst - banter in Scottish cricket!

Not bad for £40.

That's £8.89 a week. £1.27 a day. Less than a cup of coffee from Greggs.

And I am much, much nicer than a coffee from Greggs, I can tell you from experience.

Isn't a better average, more success on the field and a chance to move up the ladder worth that?

Even better, you don't have to commit to more than a month. This is about helping you improve at the most realistic rate possible so I want you to feel great about it. Take a month to see how you like things.

Book your first month with me now here.

More coaching, better value, proven results

If you don't know me, you might question how I can help. You know coaching is good for your game, but you don't know if my coaching is right for you.

All I can tell you is my record. I have coached for over 20 years at club and rep level. I have been around the world thanks to my coaching, including Australia, India and South Africa. Players of all ages, men and women, beginners to current Internationals have worked with me. In my current role as Head Coach of West of Scotland, we won promotion to the WDCU Premier League. I am coaching Western Warriors U14-U16s this season too. Here's one testimonial from my Facebook page:

“World class coaching. Great analysis, and also a top bloke!”

I also tell really, really bad jokes and spend too much time finding cricket drills on YouTube. If this sounds like the kind of bloke you can work with, book a trial month now.

Cricket is a tough game, especially in Scotland. Together we can make it a little easier, a lot more fun and develop a huge chance for success on the field.

Book now, call, email or text me directly.